Change on the Horizon

The smell of wet soil after a summer rain,

late autumn's first downy snow,

a fire that clears the understory.


"A Natural Forest is complex because the disturbances it experiences are diverse."


People work with me to navigate health goals throughout recovery from health challenges, addictions, work/seasonality changes, loss of loved ones, and many other life seasons. 


I practice reflective listening to help assess influences, make recommendations for herbal and lifestyle supports, and build momentum so you can flourish.  Note that I do not diagnose, or treat clients, this is a very different relationship than doctor-patient.

Consultations are warm and casual yet focused, thorough and efficient. 



Looking to ancient forest ecosystems (that we were once a part of), informs my perspective on health - physical, emotional, social, spiritual.

When Mount St Helen erupted and "devastated" plant communities, those who were paying attention noticed 2 entities step up right away to hold the space and start the sacred process of building soil:  Marmots and Lupine flowers.

When we face big change, even "devastation," there are supports nearby.  Reaching for and leaning on support is part of our process of building new soil.  This is not a fixed path, we have countless opportunities to change course.

My formal education in human health improvement focused on Dimensions of Wellness and Stages of Change models.


Consultation Appointments

90 minute         Initial Consult  $100

60 minute         Continuity sliding scale $35-$70

30 minute         Continuity sliding scale $20-$40

pre-pay packages available


Typically our first consultation will consist of assessing current strengths and challenges, at the end we will clarify vision of a few goals.  A unique constitutional herbal blend is prepared.  Specific additional herbs may be provided as requested.


Subsequent consultations build and adjust the path, touch on progress and address forthcoming influences.  A uniquely valuable aspect of having continuity with an herbalist is my ability to interpret your responses / integration of the constitutional blend and adjust it as things change. 


Some seek only brief continuity consultations to check-in and update their unique herbal formula, while others call on in-depth consultations in series while working through intensive seasons.

Folks often request herbal remedies in addition to their constitutional formulas, these plants build your home apothecary, allies at the ready for self-care when things come up in the future.


BS Health Studies: Community Health Education, Portland State University

Ashtanga Yoga Studies, Samyak Yoga, Dharamsala India

ANDVSA professional training for individual advocacy