The above sketch was put together quickly as I made a poultice.

Chamomile is a strong choice for an eye poultice because it is so gentle yet brings a very active healing capability to the area.

More Notes on the Process:

If your cloth bag came out of a dusty drawer, wash in hot water with soap and rinse well.  Then, pour some boiling water over the empty bag to get it extra clean.  There is power in your actions, clear a clean area to work on, find a nice small bowl (kitchen-type glass is great for this), if it is dusty wash and dry it first.


Starting clean and clear is not only for sanitation reasons, but also for cross contamination reasons - give your body Chamomile, don't confuse the message by also giving remnants of cinnamon or mint, or butter. Remember you are applying something that will signal your body to respond in particular ways, keep that signal clear and concise.


Look at the chamomile flowers, smell them.  Later when you first have the poultice on your eye, drink the bit of liquid in the bowl (chamomile tea!)