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Frequently Asked Questions:
I'm looking for CBD what brands do you carry?

We do not carry any CBD products. 

For CBD we recommend you visit Panama Reds on Heath Street just below Pioneer Avenue in downtown Homer.

I'm looking for Marijuana, do you have flower?

We do not carry any Cannabis products. We recommend you visit Uncle Herb's in Homer on Ocean Drive near the Farmer's Market, or Cosmic Cannabis in Old Town Homer at the end of Bunnell Avenue near Bishops Beach.

Can you recommend something for my ailment / issue?

As we are not licensed healthcare professionals we cannot diagnose your ailment or prescribe treatments for you. We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.


In store you can find books from reputable herbalists and physicians, these books are available for purchase or you can look at them in store for help making your decision.


I make this awesome salve/tincture/jewlery etc, will Woda carry it in store?

We are open to meeting other plant people and makers.  Our customers love locally made products and we are proud to offer a venue for crafters to get their products into people's hands and homes.

Please email to schedule a time to look over your products.


Beyond selecting items that fit Woda's overall mission, a central element we consider with our inventory is labeling. We highly value our customer's ability to understand - on their own: who made something, what its specific components are, and what preparation occurred. 

Details we want to see: botanical (latin) plant names, volume in each container (weight, fluid ounces etc), crafter's name / brand / contact.  We do sell a variety of sizes of adhesive labels and offering printer services for a fee.


Please be prepared with your pricing and estimates of available inventory. 

What is an Apothecary?

This term is commonly used to refer to a collection of herbal remedies.  Woda's focus as an apothecary is maintaining a foundational formulary of medicinal herbs in dry and tincture forms.  Further, in the traditional sense of Apothecary, we prepare custom blends of tea or tinctures to order.

An Apothecary role differs from a clinical herbalist role.  A clinical herbalist meets with a person in private to discuss health concerns, often performing an extensive intake questionnaire and asking detailed questions about a person's life and health.  An Apothecary may prepare herbs in concert with a clinic herbalist, or the same individual may hold both distinct roles.

Can you special order something for me?

We are happy to research your request.  Be advised that we source from a limited number of reputable suppliers. 

Due to freight costs, we will combine your special order with our next shipment, please contact us for a timeline.  Rush orders are possible, and typically incur additional shipping fees.

Do you carry Chinese Herbs?

We carry a very limited selection of herbs and spices that are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  We are not aware of any public sale TCM herb sources in Homer, and Woda does not source from any TCM specific suppliers.  We can point you to local TCM practitioners who supply herbs to established patients.

Do you offer Mail Order or Online Sales?

We will ship within the US, shipping costs will be added to your total.

See the Inventory page to find a catalog of items.  Contact us via phone or email with your shopping list and we would be happy to assemble your order and email an invoice.

(907) 299-9154

Can you put my order on a boat or small plane?

Yes...most likely.  We are passionate about facilitating access to plant medicine.  Please contact us to arrange logistics.  We are not far from the airport or harbor in Homer. 


Fees for this vary, please inquire directly.

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